Achieve Your Goals With These Helpful Tips

The goals we set are the goals we get.

With an opening statement like that, it should come as no real surprise to any of you to learn that we’re looking at how you can achieve your goals in today’s article.

Many of life’s most successful entrepreneurs credit their success to their ability to set and achieve goals.

Now, we can set goals in a whole variety of different scenarios, to help us achieve all manner of things.

Some people set themselves the goal of making X amount of money in a certain amount of time.

Others strive to achieve that elusive promotion at work or to drop a certain amount of weight before an important event.

How To Achieve Your Goals

Achieve Your Goals

Whatever you want to achieve, it’s important to set goals first!

To some people, that may sound easy, yet in reality, the art of setting goals is far from simple.

It’s easy to sit there and say that you want to drop 150 pounds, or earn $100 Million before you retire, but how serious are you about achieving these goals?

To make your targets come to fruition you need to be willing to put in the work.

Let’s check out these helpful tips.

Write Down Your Goals

In your head, it’s easy to tell yourself that this will be the year that you finally start eating right, working out daily, and get in shape.

At the time of telling yourself this, you will be full of good intentions and for a good few weeks, you’ll probably stick to your healthy living regime.

However, more often than not, people find that after a while they lose interest and motivation.

So, don’t just come up with said goals in your head, instead, write them down.

Seeing your goals in writing will motivate you and inspire you.

It will also help to hold you accountable on days when you feel like you can’t be bothered.

Whatever your goals are, seeing them in writing will help to encourage you to do whatever’s necessary to make your objectives a reality.

The pen is very much mightier than the sword, so go ahead and write your goals down, and be sure to place them somewhere you know you’re going to see them on a daily basis.

Set Goals Which Motivate You

When it comes to setting goals, it’s absolutely essential that you take the time to set goals which motivate and inspire you.

It’s very easy to tell yourself that you’re going to get promoted at work or start your own business, but if your goals frighten you and cause you anxiety and worry, rather than motivation, they aren’t beneficial, and they aren’t sustainable.

When you think about achieving your goals, you should be inspired, motivated, and driven.

If you aren’t, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and find some goals that will help to motivate and inspire you.

Tell People That Matter About Your Goals

Even the most driven and dedicated individuals in the world occasionally experience lapses in motivation and focus.

When it comes to goal setting and goal setting, it’s important to have a certain degree of accountability if you’re serious about achieving your goals.

As an example, if you’re worried you might not achieve your goals once you lose interest, why not tell somebody near and dear to you about your goals.

You could tell family members or friends about your goals, which in turn will help to establish accountability.

If you set yourself the goal of losing 50 pounds for example, by telling someone close to you about your goals, they can step in if needed and remind you about your goals when you’re eying up that double chocolate cheesecake in the local bakery window.

If you’re accountable for your actions, you’ll be less likely to stray off course and cheat.

Make A-List

When it comes to achieving your goals, often you’ll have more than one goal which you want to achieve.

If you have too many to achieve at once, this can make the entire experience daunting and it can result in you losing focus by becoming overwhelmed.

To make the process easier, why not write each goal down individually in the form of a list.

By having a list of smaller, more manageable goals you can achieve everything much easier as it becomes less daunting.

Once you achieve the first goal you can cross it off your list and move onto the next, and then the next, and then the next, and so on.

Keeping your goals in list form is highly recommended so why not give it a shot and see where you end up.

Avoid Distractions

We live in an age where you can browse social media with the tap of a screen from virtually anywhere in the world providing there’s a signal.

Needless to say, if you’re prone to procrastination, it can be difficult to get things done.

If you’re busy working on your goals, the last thing you want is to find yourself constantly distracted when you’re supposed to be working.

Distractions come in many forms, though smartphones are certainly up there amongst the prime culprits.

Whether it’s TV, a chatty colleague, pets, children, phones, funny internet sites, a rattling door or window, or anything else, if it’s distracting you and preventing you from bettering yourself and achieving your goals, it needs removing, or you need to remove yourself from it.

Sort Out Your Sleeping Pattern

Some people naturally prefer to go to bed earlier than others, and some have to because of work and family commitments.

If you’re a person that prefers to stay up until the early hours of the morning, watching TV or playing video games when you should be sleeping, we strongly recommend that you sort your sleeping pattern out ASAP.

You need to be thinking clearly and concisely.

If you’re tired and irritable, your brain won’t be firing on all cylinders, which means that you’ll struggle to focus.

Experts recommend between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night, ideally with you going to sleep before midnight.

We don’t know how much credibility there is behind this next claim, but many experts do apparently claim that every hour of sleep you get before 12, is as beneficial as 2 hours afterward.

Ideally, you’ll go to bed fairly early and wake up early so that you can get more done in the morning.

You’ll also get a sense of satisfaction when you wake up early and achieve things when everybody else is still fast asleep in bed.

Surround Yourself With Positive Influences

In order, you need positivity all around you.

Whilst a positive mindset is very important, it’s also vital to ensure that you yourself are surrounded by positive influences.

Be around people who inspire you and motivate you to better yourself.

Rather than surrounding yourself with people that have a problem for every suggestion, instead, look for people that have a solution for every problem.

Be around go-getters rather than naysayers.

You need to be around people with positive outlooks on life and a strong desire to succeed.

You want to be around people and in situations that lift your spirits and have a positive effect on your mind, body, and soul.

This, in turn, will help you to become more positive, which brings us to…

Be More Positive

Positivity can do wonders for your mental health, and your motivational levels.

Negativity, however, can be contagious and it can drain the life right out of you.

With that said, it’s vital that you adopt a positive outlook on life.

Rather than looking for the negatives, instead, look for the positives.

Don’t sigh, huff, puff, and complain whenever things don’t go your way.

Instead, accept the fact that certain situations are beyond your control and move on, putting the entire experience behind you.

Negative people always seem to have excuses, whereas positive people are full of motivation and have the drive to succeed.

Understand How Your Goals Will Help You

Whilst setting goals is important, perhaps more important still is actually understanding how and why achieving your goals is going to help you in the first place.

If you want to lose weight, for example, try to visualize how great you’re going to look when you lose weight.

Picture yourself leaner, slimmer, healthier, and happier and understand what a difference this will make to your psychological well-being.

If you set yourself the goal of nailing that promotion at work, understand that all of the hard work you’re putting now will be worth it in the end when you’re earning more money, have more job security, and are in a role that you’ve always wanted to be in because you know you’re the best candidate for the task at hand.

When you stop and think about how beneficial your goals will be to you and your circumstances, this should help to motivate you and spur you on even further.

Find The Right Balance

So people out there are so preoccupied with achieving their goals that they find themselves becoming overworked, overwhelmed, stressed, rundown, tired, and having no real downtime at all.

As important as it is to work hard to achieve your goals, it’s equally as important to relax and enjoy downtime in which you can focus on yourself.

No matter how desperate you are to achieve the goals you need to make sure that you still find time to relax in an evening or at weekends.

Sit down, watch your favorite TV show, read a good book, stream a movie, see your friends, play games, or just relax in a warm bath.

Having time to yourself is just as important as spending time working towards your goals, so be sure not to work yourself too hard.

Learn From Your Failures

No matter which goals you set, on your journey to achieving them and making your dreams become a reality, you are going to encounter some obstacles along the way.

There will be times when you make mistakes and there will be times when you fail.

If you are dieting and you find that, after heading to the grocery store on an empty stomach you cave and purchase heaps of junk because you were so hungry, don’t beat yourself up over this.

Instead, use this failure as a learning curve, to convert is from failure to success.

Learn from your mistake as you will now know that shopping whilst hungry with an empty stomach is never a good idea.

In the future, you’ll know to eat something healthy and filling before you hit the grocery store.

Everybody fails every now and then, it’s how you pick yourself up and dust yourself off that really helps to define you as a person and define what you’re made of.

Monitor Your Progress

Finally, the last tip that you can use and that we’re going to be listing today is to simply monitor and track your progress.

Seeing just how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved already will be a massive incentive when it comes to goal setting.

If you’re dieting but have hit a plateau and are craving junk food, just look at any progress pictures you have, as well as how much weight you’ve lost and use this to stop you from slipping back into bad habits.

No matter what your goals may be, be sure to monitor and track your progress whenever possible, as this will help you see how much you’ve progressed.


So, that brings our article to a close.

If you need help to achieve your goals, hopefully, the tips listed above have been insightful, interesting, and entertaining.

Good luck with whatever you set out to do, and remember that the goals we set are indeed the goals that we get.

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