Discover Ariana Grande Net Worth And How She Made Her Money

If you’re a fan of pop music, or if you simply like to stay up to date with the various goings-on of the pop music world, you will likely know who Ariana Grande is.

Today, though we’re going to be looking at Ariana in a different light, as we’ll be looking Ariana Grande net worth, as well as providing a detailed bio of the pop superstar.

Over the years, the music business has changed and evolved massively.

We now have musicians from all walks of life, of all ages, genders, shapes, and sizes, covering a variety of different genres.

Making it in the music biz is one of the toughest processes you will ever go through, but once you do make it and hit the big time, the boy is it rewarding.

Don’t believe us?

Just ask Ariana Grande.

Whether you’re a fan of Ariana, or simply want to learn more about her and her work, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Here’s a detailed look at Ariana Grande including Ariana Grande’s net worth, her early life, how she made it to the big leagues, how old is Ariana Grande, and much more besides.

ariana grande net worth

Who Is Ariana Grande?

To get the ball rolling today, we’re going to start by looking at who Ariana Grande is.

Ariana Grande is one of the most successful and popular pop singers in the industry today.

She is an American actress and singer who has steadily risen up the rankings of the music world, slowly cementing her legacy as one of the all-time greats.

Oh, and she’s still in her twenties!

To give you an idea of just how talented and popular this musician really is, Ariana Grande has won Grammy awards, she is a multi-platinum recording artist, she has one of the best voices in the industry, and she has gone on to make herself an absolute fortune.

Did we miss anything out?

Oh yes, she’s still in her twenties!

Interestingly enough, when people hear her name, they associate it with her music.

She got her big break, however, in the acting business starring in a Nickelodeon kid’s show, which we’ll be looking at in more detail a little later on.

With notable singles including: ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘Break Free’, she is certainly a musician to be appreciated.

Those who are really familiar with her work, though, will no doubt appreciate her ‘Thank U, Next’ single which was recently released.

Early Life

Ariana Grande was born in Boca Raton, Florida on June 26th, 1993.

So, for those wondering how old is Ariana Grande?

She is just 26 years of age.

The singer, song-writing, pop princess and actress has Italian blood in her veins.

She is the daughter of Joan Grande and Edward Butera.

She often refers to herself as being Italian-American.

People often make the mistake of assuming she is an only child, but that is not the case.

She has a sibling, a half-brother named Frankie Grande, who is himself a producer and an entertainer.

Ariana was born and raised in Florida when her parents moved from New York to Florida when her mother was carrying her.

She had a stable and happy upbringing, although when she was 9 years of age her parents separated, which was of course, hard on her.

When she was young, it was clear that entertainment was in her blood and was her passion.

She performed with the Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theatre as a kid and actually landed her very first lead role, playing the role of Annie, no less.

As well as that, she would also go on to perform in critically acclaimed musicals including Beauty and the Beast, and the Wizard of Oz.

The entertainment didn’t stop there, though.

When she was just 8 years of age, Ariana would perform on the Karaoke lounge of a cruise ship, along with numerous orchestras.

Needless to say, superstardom beckoned, and it wouldn’t be long until she made her first TV appearance, appearing on National TV to sing The Star-Spangled Banner for none other than the Florida Panthers.

It was clear that she had a stunning voice.

By the time she was 13, she decided that she would like to pursue a career as a singer.

Despite this, though, she still couldn’t resist acting and would focus on her theatrical performances.

In 2008, Ariana was cast as Charlotte, in a supporting role in the musical 13 on Broadway.

This performance won her a National Youth Theatre Association Award.

Progressing In Her Acting Career

 In 2009, after moving to L.A in a bid to further her career, Ariana’s big break came when she was cast in the Nickelodeon kid’s TV show Victorious.

This was a sitcom that was set in a performing arts high school.

Needless to say, because of her storied background in performing arts, Ariana was perfect for the role.

Grande played the role of Cat Valentine, and adorable, but dim-witted character.

Interestingly, Ariana had to dye her hair red on a weekly basis to play the character.

This was because the other characters were brunettes, and the execs wanted a bit of diversity.

The bright red hair also became synonymous with the character, and with the show.

The show premiered to 5.7 million viewers, which was the second-largest audience for a live-action TV show in Nickelodeon history.

Grande was an instant hit, especially with the younger viewers and she quickly went on to become a teen idol.

Despite the fact that the show was doing extremely well, and because of the fans and critical acclaim she was receiving, Ariana still insisted that she wanted to be a musician.

Things only grew from there, as season 2 premiered in 2011 to a whopping 6.2 million viewers.

This was history-making as it was the highest-rated episode of the show ever.

Career In Music

After season 1 had wrapped, Ariana quickly got back to work.

It wasn’t acting that she was focussing on, though, but rather, her music.

In August 2010, Grande got into the recording studio and started to work on her debut album.

She hired a vocal coach to improve her range.

Whilst she was filming Victorious, Grande recorded herself singing a series of covers from prominent musicians such as Adele, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston.

She uploaded them to YouTube, and as you can imagine, the internet went nuts.

One of her videos was viewed by the friend of a man named Monte Lipman.

Monte Lipman was the CEO of Republic Records.

After the friend sent Monte the links to the videos, Monte was so impressed with her voice, that he signed her to a recording contract.

In late 2011, she released her first single ‘Put You Heart Up’.

She would later disown the track as she stated that it was too ‘Bubblegum pop’ and that she was not interested in the music of that genre.

She continued to record her album for the next two years and in 2013 she released her debut album ‘Yours Truly’.

Within just one month, the album had earned its place in the US Billboard 200.

It didn’t just earn its place there, it debuted at number one!

In the first week, she sold 138,000 copies of the album and had the album debut in the top ten charts of various other countries across the globe.

The lead single of the album, featuring rapper Mac Miller and entitled The Way was a smash and received heaps of critical acclaim.

The single placed 10th on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Her other singles would also go on to do very well in the album charts, helping to solidify her status as a global superstar musician.

She would go on to record singles and appear on tour with Justin Bieber and Nathan Styles, before kicking off her own mini-tour which she called The Listening Sessions.

In 2014 her second album released and was entitled My Everything.

This debuted on the top Billboard 200 again, and sold 169,000 copies.

This album garnered enormous critical acclaim as well as huge commercial acclaim.

Music lovers were particularly drawn to two tracks from the album ‘Break Free’ and ‘problem’.

These songs both placed in the top 4 of the Billboard Hot 100.

Return To Acting And New Albums

In 2015, Arianna who was now established as a music megastar returned to her acting roots.

She appeared in the comedy-horror series Scream Queens.

This show premiered on Fox.

She would also make a cameo appearance in the Ben Stiller comedy sequel Zoolander 2.

Not able to resist the temptation to sing, however, her third album released later in 2015.

This album was titled, Dangerous Woman.

Again, the album made the Billboard Top 100, debuting at number 7.

She released the single Dangerous Woman from her Dangerous Woman album, and it placed at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100.

This made history for Ari, as it meant that she become the world’s very first singer to have three lead singles from three consecutive albums, all debut in the top 10.

Her fame continued to grow, though, as she would later go on to host Saturday Night Live.

She was actually voted as the ‘best host of the season’ thanks to an online poll.

Present Day

Her 4th album ‘Sweetener’ debuted at number 1 in the top 200.

In late 2018, the lead single from that album ‘No Tears Left to Cry’ was also released, and you can guess what happened?!

Yep, it debuted in the top 10 of the Hot 100, as did her next single ‘God is a Woman’.

She went on to have had ten top 10 singles in the US.

All whilst still in her mid-twenties.

Grande would go on to headline Coachella, to release Thank U, Next, to record with countless established music artists, and to become one of the most marketable and profitable musicians in the industry.

Ariana Grande Net Worth

Now the time has come for us to start crunching the numbers and to start talking money.

As you might imagine, Ariana Grande is not shy of a few bucks.

She is one of the most popular, most successful, and most in-demand musicians in the industry today.

Needless to say, the net worth of Ariana Grande is a figure that most people can only dream about.

Currently, as things stand, her net worth is a staggering $50 Million.

Much of these earnings have come from her music and album sales.

During her concerts, for example, it was reported that she was making $1 Million per concert!

Not only does she earn money from her music, but let’s not forget how she also has a career in acting and has appeared in some big-name shows and movies.

This, along with various sponsorships and endorsement deals, means that Ariana Grande’s net worth stands currently at $50 Million.

She is now arguably at the peak of her success, which means that the money and offers will continue to flood in, so expect to see big things from Ariana Grande in 2020.

This is impressive for anybody, but to achieve all of this, whilst still in your mid-twenties, is a truly incredible feat, and it is one which we all surely cannot help but be impressed by?

Final Thoughts:

As you can see, Ariana Grande is one of the most talented and popular singers, songwriters, actors, and producers in the industry.

She is already worth upwards of $50 Million, her net worth and her stock is only going to increase as time goes by, and she also happens to be a wonderful human being.

We hope that you’ve found this bio on Ariana Grande useful and informative, and if so, be sure to check back here for future releases.

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