16 Important Bar Bending Bench Press Benefits

When it comes to popular gym exercises, you can’t deny the fact that the humble bench press is most certainly one of the most popular exercises in existence.

That’s why, today, we’re looking at several awesome bench press benefits.

When it comes to building an aesthetic physique, if you want to get everything in proportion, you need to train every muscle group just as hard as the last.

It’s no use focusing on your biceps and neglecting your triceps, and it’s certainly no use hitting your upper body multiple times per week, only to train your legs once per month if they’re lucky.

One of the most favorite body parts that people love to train, however, is the chest.

This is why the bench press is considered to be one of the most popular exercises in the gym today.

But why is the bench press so popular, and what makes it such an efficient exercise in the gym?

Let’s find out, shall we?

Here are 16 bar bending benefits of bench press.

16 Important Bar Bending Bench Press Benefits

bench press benefits

1. Bragging Rights

Okay, before you read any further, just know that this first benefit isn’t to be taken too literally.

When it comes to lifting, you should always, always make sure that you’re lifting safely.

Never try to lift weights heavier than you can handle, and if you are training heavy, always have a spotter working with you.

With that said, if you are a competent lifter with plenty of benching experience behind you, you’ll know all too well how awesome it feels to be able to bust out a big bench.

The very first time you hit your 3-plate bench will be a proud day, and when people ask ‘how much do you bench, bro?’ you’ll be able to proudly tell them that you bench 315.

In truth, different people can bench different weights, but every time you smash that first PB, you’ll feel prouder and happier than ever.

2. Strong Triceps

Yes, we know that the bench press is primarily an exercise designed to target the pectoral muscles, and we’ll get to that a little later on.

For now, though, it’s also worth noting that the bench press is a fantastic exercise when it comes to increasing your triceps strength.

In terms of benefits, you can’t overlook the fact that the bench press is awesome for overall strength and power.

The triceps assist with a number of pressing exercises, including military presses, and the stronger they are, the more weight you’ll be able to press.

3. Big triceps

As well as increasing the strength and power generated by your triceps, other awesome benefits are that it assists with triceps development as well.

If you want to have sleeve-filling arms, you need to make sure that you’re working the triceps.

It is the triceps that give your arms much of their size because the triceps muscle is so large.

It has three heads, hence the name, and it is a muscle that many people neglect or consider an afterthought. If you’re looking to increase the size of your arms and improve your triceps, the bench press is perfect.

Heck, if you adjust your grip and go narrower, you can literally work the triceps as the primary muscle group.

4. Very Adaptable

Another of the awesome benefits that we’re going to look at today, is based upon how the exercise itself is so adaptable.

There are so many different variations of the exercise that you can constantly keep your training fresh and exciting.

You can perform flat, incline, and decline bench presses.

You can use barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, or machines.

You can use the smith machine, you can bench press from flat on the floor, and much more besides.

You can even switch up your grip and work different parts of your anatomy.

As there are so many different bench press variations to choose from, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular.

5. Great Compound Exercise

Another fantastic benefits that we’re going to be looking at today, is the fact that it is a wonderful compound exercise.

A compound exercise is one that works for multiple muscle groups at the same time.

As an example, when you’re performing barbell bench presses, as well as working your pecs, your triceps also receive some work, as do your deltoids, your back, and even your core stabilizer muscles.

By working for several muscle groups all at the same time, you can, therefore, build more muscle as it is the equivalent of performing a full-body workout, all at the same time.

6. Chest Development

Needless to say, as the bench press is considered to be the king of the chest exercises, it’s easy to see why so many chest training routines begin with this very exercise.

For those of you who are looking to build up your pecs, bench presses are fantastic.

Flat bench barbell bench presses are great for adding muscle mass to the chest.

Incline bench presses target the upper pecs, whereas decline bench presses work the lower pecs.

For overall chest development, there really is no finer exercise than the humble bench press.

7. Burn Fat

When people think of compound exercises, and resistance training in general, they think of bodybuilding and bulking up.

We all know that lifting weights is a great way to build muscle, but it offers so much more.

It turns out that the bench press is also a great way for people to burn fat and lose weight.

Any form of physical activity is going to burn calories, but bench pressing is particularly useful.

This is due to the fact that bench pressing is a compound exercise that recruits multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Because you’re working for so many muscle groups, your body is working harder and so you will burn off more calories as a result.

8. Increases Strength

Another of the awesome benefits that we’re going to look at today, is based upon how the bench press is such a fantastic exercise when it comes to building strength and power.

Because of the nature of the exercise and the fact that it recruits multiple muscle groups at once, it’s easy to see why the bench press is so effective when it comes to increasing strength and power.

Not only will you be able to bench press more weight, but you’ll also be able to press more weight in general.

There’s a reason why the bench press is one of the big 3 lifts when it comes to powerlifting competitions, and that reason is that the bench press is a fantastic indicator of overall strength and power.

9. Get A Deeper Stretch With Dumbbells

Even though it is the flat bench barbell press that people often think of when benching, dumbbell bench presses are still extremely popular, and rightfully so.

Dumbbell bench presses are great as they allow for a deeper stretch during each repetition, which in turn results in more rips and tears in the muscle fibers, which makes them so effective for muscle hypertrophy.

A deeper stretch means more muscle activation as dumbbells allow for a much greater range of motion.

The greater the range of motion, the more effective the exercise becomes.

10. Different Training Options

We’ve looked at the different types of the bench press that you can perform, I.E incline, flat, decline, smith, barbell, dumbbell, etc, but what about your training in general?

Another awesome thing about bench presses is the fact that they allow you to switch up your training.

One session you could train heavy and aim for 4 – 6 reps, or even a 1 rep max, whereas the next you could lighten the load and simply train to failure, or see how many reps you can perform in a minute.

All of this enables you to keep your training fresh and exciting, which in turn helps to boost your motivation and keep you excited to actually hit the gym and train.

11. Build A Symmetrical Physique

Because of the nature of the bench press, another fantastic thing about this exercise is the fact that it enables you to build a symmetrical physique.

Bench pressing prevents muscle imbalances because you must lift the same amount of weight on either side of the bar.

The same goes for dumbbells.

Because of this, it enables you to build up the left side of your body, as well as the right.

If you want a powerful, massive chest the likes of which wouldn’t look out of place on a Mr. Olympia line up, the bench press is the perfect exercise for you.

12. Adaptable For Your Joints

When it comes to common gym injuries, one of the most common injuries suffered in the gym is a torn rotator cuff.

If you suffer from rotator cuff issues, you can kiss goodbye to your incline bench pressing, as this places too much stress on the deltoids.

Does that mean that you need to leave your chest to waste away into nothing?

Of course not.

You can instead perform flat bench presses, or decline bench presses, as these place less stress on the deltoids.

Incline dumbbell pressing is also a little easier on the shoulders, so if your shoulder issues are mild, you could still get away with incline pressing, without exasperating your issues.

13. Big Delts

It isn’t just the triceps that we need to talk about when discussing the many benefits that there are to be enjoyed.

It turns out that another awesome benefit of the bench press is that it helps to develop your deltoids.

The deltoids, or the shoulders, as you may know, them, can be stubborn body parts to train.

They play a key role when it comes to bench pressing, however, and as a result, they receive a lot of work when you perform any variation of the bench press.

If you’re looking for strong, powerful, and aesthetic deltoids, make sure you do plenty of bench pressing whenever you hit the gym.

14. Pop Those Pecs

Okay, being able to make your pecs dance probably isn’t going to win you many awards in life, but it sure is fun and it sure is a great way to help emphasize just how big and jacked you are.

If guys like Terry Crews and The Rock, can make their pecs dance, then why can’t you?

Well, the reason why you can’t be because you simply don’t yet have enough muscle on and around your pecs.

Benching is a great way to add quality muscle mass to the pecs, and the more muscular your pecs are, the easier you’ll find it to make them dance.

15. Strengthen Your Bones

Another of the more surprising benefits is based upon the fact that bench pressing is a great way of strengthening your bones.

Studies have found that resistance training, especially in the form of compound lifting, is a great way of helping to strengthen the bones and make them denser and stronger.

This helps reduce the risk of fractures and conditions such as osteoporosis.

16. Look Great In Shirts

Whereas people think that big arms are essential for looking great in shirts, if you have large arms and a flat chest, you’ll look out of proportion and silly.

Thankfully, when it comes to bench pressing, the thicker your chest becomes, the better you’ll look in shirts and tight clothing.


As you can see, there are many different bench press benefits to enjoy, so it’s easy to see why it is such a popular exercise.

If you’re looking to bulk up and add muscle mass to your physique, bench pressing is the perfect way to do precisely that.

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