11 Incredible Benefits Of Jumping Jacks

If you’re looking for an exercise that will stir up feelings of nostalgia inside of you, look no further than jumping jacks.

Jumping jacks are an exercise that will take you back to your childhood.

Also known as star jumps, these exercises are commonly performed as part of many a circuit training or bodyweight workout, and the benefits of jumping jacks are plentiful.

Without getting too technical, the basic execution of a jumping jack will require you to begin with your legs together and your arms at your side.

You will then kick both legs out and extend both arms up and outwards so that your fingertips are pointing at 10 and 2 on an imaginary clock face.

You’ll then bring your arms and legs together at the same time.

That is one rep.

Because your body makes the shape of a star as you perform the exercise, you can see why they’re known as star jumps.

benefits of jumping jacks

But what are the benefits, and are they really as awesome as health experts believe?

Let’s find out, shall we?

11 Incredible Benefits Of Jumping Jacks

1. Great Way To Warm Up

Even though jumping jacks are an incredibly physically demanding exercise, one of the most effective ways of warming up before any form of exercise and/or physical exertion, is to perform jumping jacks.

Jumping jacks help to raise your core body temperature, they get your muscles nice and limber, they promote flexibility, and they help to raise your heart rate.

Combine all of these elements together, and you have the ultimate recipe for an extremely effective warm-up.

Jumping jacks are easy to perform, they’re over with very quickly, they require no equipment and a great way of getting you warm and limber before you begin exercising.

2. Burn Calories

There’s a reason why circuit based workouts often include jumping jacks, and primarily, it is because of the fact that they promote weight loss in a number of different ways.

Jumping jacks are incredibly physically demanding, which means that they burn off a substantial amount of calories.

Jumping jacks are a predominantly aerobic-based exercise and if done effectively, they easily allow for several hundred calories to be burnt off in as little as 15 minutes.

When it comes to our general health and wellness, it’s vital that we ensure that we control our weight.

Obesity can put us at risk of all manner of health ailments ranging from everything from arthritis to stroke, heart disease, cancer, and much more.

Thanks to the effectiveness of jumping jacks, though, you can easily burn off hundreds of calories and control your weight much easier.

3. Great To Combine With Other Workouts

When it comes to the benefits, another benefit that people often overlook is the fact that they’re great to combine with other workouts.

Jumping jacks can be combined with resistance-based workout circuits, they can be combined with circuit training, they can be done as part of a HIIT or CrossFit workout, or they can simply be done as a stand-alone exercise.

However you decide to perform jumping jacks, one thing you can rest assured upon, is the fact that they can be done as part of virtually any training routine.

This means that you can constantly keep things fresh and mix them up to keep you interested and engaged in your workouts.

If you’re struggling to find your get up and go as you find that your workouts have become stale and boring, jumping jacks are perfect.

4. Jumping Jacks Will Make You More Coordinated

If you currently have the coordination of a one-legged drunk on a merry-go-round, a great way of improving your coordination is by doing more jumping jacks.

Jumping jacks are ideal for people looking to enhance their coordination.

When you perform a jumping jack, one of the basic principles of performing the exercise is ensuring that you move your arms and your legs in synergy with each other, at precisely the same time.

You need to make sure that you move your limbs at the same time, in perfect coordination.

After a while, once you’ve found yourself growing used to jumping jacks, your coordination should have substantially improved, and you’ll find that you are a far more coordinated and balanced individual.

5. Jumping Jacks Are Great For The Heart

If you’re looking to improve the health and function of your heart, you can probably guess which exercise we’re about to recommend.

Yep, in terms of the benefits, one of the main reasons people choose to perform them is because of the fact that they’re so fantastic for the heart.

Jumping jacks are a wonderful form of aerobic exercise that is sure to strengthen the heart and get your circulatory and cardiovascular system healthier and more functional ever before.

Jumping jacks improve circulation, they strengthen the walls of the heart, they help to reduce blood pressure, they can bring down LDL cholesterol, they can improve oxygen transportation in the body, and much more besides.

For people looking to keep their hearts fit and healthy, jumping jacks are an exercise that simply cannot be ignored.

6. Great Stress Relief

Another of the awesome benefits that we’re going to look at today is the fact that jumping jacks are so effective when it comes to beating stress and improving your mental health.

Exercise, in general, is fantastic for mental health, and many people agree that it is far more effective than prescription drugs and medications, which can cause a wide range of other health issues if you aren’t careful.

Some anti-depressants for example, have actually been known to promote suicidal thoughts.

Yes, as ironic as that may seem, it is a proven fact and you are welcome to look that up yourselves if you don’t happen to believe us.

Stress is something that we are all exposed to at some point in our lives.

It can cause us to act irrationally, it can negatively impact our mood, it can put a strain on our relationships, and it can damage the health of our heart and other major organs.

Jumping jacks are a great form of exercise, which means that they promote the production and secretion of endorphins.

Endorphins are known as ‘happy chemicals’ due to the fact that they positively impact our mood and make us feel happier in our own skin.

If stress is affecting you, don’t try to self-medicate with drink, don’t necessarily think that anti-depressants or recreational drugs are the answer, and instead try breaking out a series of jumping jacks until you work up a sweat and are really feeling the burn.

7. You Can Do Jumping Jacks Anywhere

When it comes to the benefits, another key reason to consider doing more of them is because of the fact that jumping jacks can be done anywhere.

Nowadays, gyms are busier and more effective than ever before.

They’re equipped with the latest machines, equipment, gadgets, and gizmos, and as awesome as that is, it does mean that they tend to be on the expensive side.

if your funds are low, or if you just don’t have the time or inclination to head to the gym and exercise, you’ll find this next benefit of jumping jacks especially appealing.

The reason for why is because they allow you to perform them anywhere.

Jumping jacks require no gym, no specialist equipment, and no huge and expansive open spaces either.

You can do jumping jacks anywhere, at any time.

So, if you find yourself stuck at the office late and unable to head to the gym, the good news is that you can still get a very effective workout in the office.

Perhaps it’s late at night and you don’t have enough time to travel to and from the gym?

If so, again, you can just clear a small space in your front room and bust out a series of jumping jacks until you’re out of breath, sweaty, and red in the face.

8. Cost You Nothing

We previously touched upon how more and more gyms are jacking up their prices because they’re utilizing more expensive and sophisticated equipment.

If you’re looking to keep tabs on your spending and keep your outgoings low, a gym membership could be a luxury that you may need to avoid for a while.

This, however, does not mean that you need to resign yourself to the fact that you can’t train until you get some disposable income or find a cheaper gym to join.

All it means is that you need to find an alternative method of working out.

Another of the fantastic benefits that we’re listing today is that jumping jacks are a great way of saving you money.

Jumping jacks are free to do because you don’t need any specialist equipment or any fancy gyms to do them in.

If the sun is shining and you feel like getting some fresh air, you could even head out into your garden and perform a set of jumping jacks outdoors in the comfort of your own backyard.

9. Great For Your Physique

Okay, jumping jacks aren’t going to get you big and jacked, but what they will do is help to significantly improve your physique.

Jumping jacks have been found to help tone the muscles and promote fat loss.

Combine these two benefits together, and you have the ultimate recipe for the perfect physique.

Jumping jacks help to burn calories and so they help you to burn off unsightly pounds that ordinarily may have been difficult to shift.

They also help to tone your muscles, especially your deltoids, quads, hamstrings, glutes, and abdominal muscles.

This means that combining them with one another will help you to achieve a leaner, more ripped and defined physique.

If you are looking to get in better shape and get a head start on beach season for 2020, why not get ahead of the game and start doing jumping jacks now?

10. Jumping Jacks Lower Blood Pressure

If you really want a reason to start doing more jumping jacks, this next benefit of jumping jacks is one which you will need to pay very special attention to.

You see, jumping jacks are a very effective form of cardiovascular aerobic exercise.

This means that they’re ideal for anybody that happens to be struggling with hypertension, or high blood pressure, as it is better known.

High blood pressure is responsible for many different health issues and ailments, and it is responsible for the deaths of countless individuals every single year.

What’s perhaps most heartbreaking, is the fact that hypertension can very easily be avoided.

If you make an effort to clean up your diet and exercise more, be sure to do plenty of jumping jacks as they work especially well for people looking to actively reduce their blood pressure without relying on harmful prescription drugs and medications.

11. Jumping Jacks Save Time

Finally, the last of the benefits that we’ll be listing today, are all to do with how jumping jacks help to save so much time.

Jumping jacks can be performed very quickly, and actually, the quicker you do them, the faster your heart rate will become and the more calories you will burn.

Whereas some exercises require you to fiddle with benches, choose bars, load up bars and machines with heavyweight plates, and so on, jumping jacks can be done very quickly, with minimal fuss and effort.

If you are up against it, time-wise, jumping jacks are great.


And that is the end of today’s article looking at the benefits of jumping jacks.

We hope you’ve found the info above entertaining, informative, and useful.

If so, keep an eye out for future topics, and be sure to do more jumping jacks the next time you hit the gym to train.

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