The “Hard To Swallow Pill” MEME, 32 Truths You Won’t Like To Hear

In life, sometimes the truth can hurt and sometimes we hear things that we just don’t want to hear.

Whether you’re just finding out that 20-minutes of cardio won’t actually undo that bottle of wine and XL pizza and fries you ate last night, or that sharing an inspirational quote on Instagram doesn’t actually make you a philosopher, here’s a look at 30 hard to swallow pills.

1# Being a part of a pyramid scheme or MLM (Multi-Level Management) program doesn’t make you a business owner

Hard To Swallow Pills MLM

This may be tough to hear for a lot of you ‘huns’ and ‘boss babes’ out there, but if you are a part of a pyramid scheme or MLM program, you aren’t actually a business owner at all.

Far too many people that get roped into these MLMs are led to believe that they are now small business owners and that they can ‘work in their pyjamas and make a six-figure income’ when in reality they are likely going to wind up in debt.

2# Recording yourself giving a homeless person a meal doesn’t make you a Samaritan, it makes you trash

Hard To Swallow Pills Homeless

Social media is awash with people desperately in need of validation from strangers online, and the lengths they will go to get it is really quite disturbing.

If you see a homeless person on the street and genuinely want to help them, by all means, buy them a meal and a drink, but don’t ram a camera in their face as you do so.

If your intentions were pure, you wouldn’t need to receive validation from strangers, you’d simply help them out of the goodness of your heart.

3# You can’t out-train a bad diet

Hard To Swallow Pills bad diet

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could eat as much junk and unhealthy treats that you love, and still be able to maintain a lean and defined physique by going to the gym and working out several days each week?

Unfortunately, you can’t do that as you simply cannot out-train a bad diet.

You can of course enjoy the occasional treat now and then, but if you are looking to lose weight and get in shape, you are going to need to clean up your diet, no matter how hard you work out.

4# Going to church on a Sunday doesn’t make you a good person

Hard To Swallow Pills church

Just because you go to church on a Sunday, that doesn’t mean you’re a good person and it doesn’t give you a free pass to act like a jerk to others.

5# Nobody owes you a thing for being nice

Hard To Swallow Pills being nice

Just because you’re kind to somebody and nice, that doesn’t automatically mean that they should drop to their knees, kiss your feet, and worship the ground you walk on.

6# Not all guys are after one thing

Hard To Swallow Pills nice guys

Sorry, ladies, but just because Kyle added you on Snapchat, hooked up with you, and then ghosted you, that doesn’t mean that all guys are after one thing.

Perhaps it means that you should reassess your taste in men?

7# Not all women love a bad boy

Hard To Swallow Pills women love

On the flip side, guys, if you’re thinking of winning over your High School crush by being a jerk to her because “all women love a bad boy” you’re likely to be bitterly disappointed.

In truth, women often love nice guys, it’s likely that you aren’t as nice a person as you thought you were.

8# Being held accountable is not the same as being victimized

Hard To Swallow Pills victimized

Accountability is a very important part of everyday life, yet many people that are held accountable for acting like jerks and stepping out of line or screwing up, like to play the victim.

In truth, being held accountable is not the same as being victimized at all, it simply means you’re being called out for your trash behavior.

9# Just because somebody’s opinion differs from your own, doesn’t make them wrong

Hard To Swallow Pills opinion

The culture we’re living in today is somewhat self-entitled and every single second people find themselves getting into arguments online because they happen to disagree with somebody else’s opinion.

Guess what? People are entitled to their opinions just as you are entitled to yours.

10# Some of your problems are down to you and your behavior

Hard To Swallow Pills behavior

Unfortunately, some of your problems are down to your own actions and until you own them and accept them there’s nothing you can do about them.

11# There are genuinely trash people in the world

Hard To Swallow Pills genuinely trash

As much as some people would like to believe that it is good for everybody, unfortunately, we need to accept that some people are just vile human beings.

12# Some people will behave as badly as they are allowed to get away with

Hard To Swallow Pills badly

Some people out there will simply push their luck and will behave as badly and as selfishly as they are allowed to get away with, either by you or by others. 

13# Praying for people is likely useless, affirmative action is what is needed

Hard To Swallow Pills praying

Without getting too controversial or belittling people’s beliefs, rather than praying for starving children, or victims of natural disasters, why not get involved physically and help instead?

One bad relationship doesn’t mean future partners will be the same

Just because you happen to have had a toxic partner/relationship in the past, that does not mean that future partners will be the same. Remember, each person is unique.

14# A vaccine doesn’t just make a pandemic end right away

Hard To Swallow Pills vaccine

After the dumpster fire that was 2020, we’re all more optimistic about 2021.

Even with vaccines, though, that doesn’t mean that the pandemic will end right away.

It will take months before we can get back to normality, but there is now a light at the end of the tunnel.

15# A new year doesn’t make you immune from heartache

Hard To Swallow Pills heartache

Whether you lost a loved one, your job, your relationship ended, or anything else traumatic in a single year, a new year won’t suddenly mean that you’re immune from heartache and having bad things happen to you.

16# Nobody is too busy to reply to you

Hard To Swallow Pills nobody

We live in a world where people are constantly checking their phones and if you’re desperate to talk to somebody, you message them, and they don’t reply, the most likely scenario is that they just do not want to talk to you.

17# Some people only see you when it is convenient to them or when they want something from you

Hard To Swallow Pills convenient

Sadly, so-called “friends” and even family members can be toxic, and sometimes people will only make time to see or speak to you when it is convenient to them or when they want something from you.

18# Most of your friends on social media don’t care what your baby looks like

Hard To Swallow Pills baby looks

Okay, we get it, giving birth is magical and of course, you’ll want to show off your new-born baby to your “friends” on social media.

The truth of the matter, though, is that 99% of people do not care what your baby looks like and don’t want to see 1,957 photos of your baby uploaded to your Facebook account each day.

19# Tipping should not be mandatory

Hard To Swallow Pills mandatory

We understand that most people that work in the hospitality industry rely on tips because their wages are poor, but that doesn’t mean they should all be tipped.

Tips should be based on service and customer satisfaction. After all, if a server was rude to you and spat in your meal, should you still tip them just because it is the “right thing to do”?

20# Sometimes we just fail

Hard To Swallow Pills fail

As tough to hear as it may be, sometimes in life, no matter how hard we try and how hard we work, we are just destined to fail.

21# The majority of politicians you vote for couldn’t give a damn about you

Hard To Swallow Pills politicians

Regardless of whom you vote for, the sad reality is that most politicians out there do not care about you, regardless of what they say before an election.

22# Not everybody will like you

Hard To Swallow Pills like you

Sometimes we just don’t click with people and our personalities clash. That’s life.

23# Looks do matter to most people

Hard To Swallow Pills looks do matter

We’re told not to judge a book by its cover, but in reality, looks matter.

If they didn’t, we wouldn’t be encouraged to dress smart to job interviews, and we wouldn’t choose our most flattering photos for our profile pics online.

24# Actions speak louder than words

Hard To Swallow Pills actions

It’s all well and good to talk about all the things you plan on accomplishing in the future, but the truth of the matter is that actions speak louder than words.

25# Sometimes bad people get good things

Hard To Swallow Pills good things

Sometimes in life, cheaters that have affairs and leave their partners for somebody else go on to lead happy lives. Sometimes the bad guy does win.

26# Good looks don’t make up for a trash personality

Hard To Swallow Pills trash personality

Just because you happen to be good looking, that doesn’t mean that this will make up for a vile personality.

Sure, you may find it easy to get into a relationship, but once they see what you’re really like, they’ll quickly leave. That IS a reflection of you.

27# Being more intelligent than somebody else doesn’t make you a better person

Hard To Swallow Pills intelligent

Just because you happen to be smarter than somebody else, that doesn’t mean that you’re a better person.

In fact, if you genuinely think that it does, ironically you’re a worse person.

28# Having money does make life easier

Hard To Swallow Pills money

Unfortunately, the more money you have, the easier your life will be. That doesn’t automatically mean it will be happier, but it will certainly be much easier.

29# If you live paycheck to paycheck, you need to reassess your money management

Hard To Swallow Pills paycheck

Those who live from paycheck to paycheck need to reassess their money management, as living that way is not healthy, physically or mentally.

30# Acknowledging a problem won’t solve it

Hard To Swallow Pills acknowleding

Okay, acknowledging a problem is a great way to begin, but that alone won’t solve it. That’s where actions once again speak louder than words.

31# If you cheat on a partner, you don’t love them

Hard To Swallow Pills cheat

If you truly care about a partner and love them, you will want to make them happy, not risk breaking their heart.

If you cheat on a partner, you simply don’t love them.

32# And the last one

Hard-To-Swallow-Pills flirting

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