Natural Treatments And Home Remedies For Ulcers

If you’ve never experienced an ulcer before then think yourself lucky as they are not pleasant.

Ulcers can affect your mouth, your lips, and your stomach lining.

In truth, ulcers can potentially affect virtually anywhere on your body, at any given time.

There are many different causes of ulcers which is why we’re looking at natural remedies for ulcers in today’s article.

When people talk about ulcers in a serious sense, they’re commonly referring to stomach ulcers, sometimes known as gastric ulcers.

Stomach ulcers are typically open sores that line the stomach.

They are actually forms of the peptic ulcer which is often characterized by an increase in stomach acid, which can result in extreme pain and discomfort.

Stomach ulcers are sometimes caused by stress, or by disruptions to your bacteria resulting in infection.

A very common cause of stomach ulcers is an infection caused by a form of bacteria known as Helicobacter Pylori bacteria.

Unhealthy lifestyle choices are also factors, but we’ll be looking at those in more detail a little later on.

Here are several natural remedies for ulcers for you to try.

Natural Remedies For Ulcers

Home Remedies For Ulcers

Fresh Cabbage Juice

Now, to many of you, the thought of drinking cabbage juice will turn your stomach.

Don’t worry, though, the cabbage juice you can drink to help deal with stomach ulcers is actually enriched with other healthy ingredients to make it delicious.

For centuries, cabbage juice has been consumed by people looking to treat digestive issues and complaints.

Way before antibiotics was available cabbage juice was consumed and the results spoke for themselves.

Cabbage juice is loaded full of antioxidants and vitamins which are especially beneficial when used to deal with H Pylori bacteria.

The reason why cabbage juice is recommended as opposed to fresh cabbage is simply that cabbage juice is absorbed quicker.


For those of you with a sweet tooth, this next food on our list of natural remedies is surely going to prove most enjoyable.

Honey is the only food in the world that never spoils.

It doesn’t matter whether it is kept airtight, chilled, or stored in direct sunlight, honey will never spoil.

It is therefore sold in supermarkets and grocery stores completely natural, just as nature intended.

Honey is loaded full of antioxidants and other nutrients found to be essential for health and well-being.

It helps protect the cells, it prevents illness and disease, and it helps promote the healing of wounds.

Ulcers are technically open wounds so honey can help speed up the rate in which we recover from them.


Everywhere you turn in the fitness community, you’ll see people singing the praises of probiotics.

Probiotics basically act as food for the healthy bacteria living in your digestive system.

Probiotics are living organisms can restore the balance and equilibrium of bacteria located in your digestive system.

On top of helping to nourish your bacteria, they can also help to heal ulcers.

Contrary to popular belief, probiotics don’t destroy H Pylori bacteria.

What they can do is reduce the amounts of harmful bacteria responsible for ulcers, which in turn will help to improve some of your symptoms and restore gut health.

Typically, you’ll find probiotics in yogurt, probiotic supplements, and fermented foods such as kimchi and Sauerkraut.


Garlic isn’t just a delicious ingredient used in a wide variety of different dishes.

Garlic is also one of the best natural remedies as well.

Garlic is considered by many to be a superfood because it’s so healthy.

Garlic is packed full of antibacterial properties, antimicrobial properties, and antioxidants.

It can, therefore, help to prevent damage to your cells and it can speed up recovery rates from stomach ulcers, and prevent them from forming in the first place.

What has health experts most excited about garlic and its various health benefits regarding stomach ulcers, is the fact that it can prevent the growth of the dreaded H Pylori bacteria?

If you’re not a fan of the taste and odor of raw garlic, you can also purchase odorless garlic supplements.


You may not have heard of Mastic before, but don’t worry, all will soon become clear.

Mastic is a form of resin that is obtained from the Matic Tree.

Typically, these trees commonly grow in parts of the Mediterranean.

The resin can be chewed where it breaks down and forms transparent gum which has a gentle pine flavor.

We have been consuming mastic for centuries for health properties, and it has been found to be especially useful when used as one of many natural home remedies.

Is has anti-bacterial properties that make it especially effective when used to treat infections, including those caused by H Pylori.

In fact, mastic gum has been found to help eradicate this harmful bacteria entirely, making it great for the treatment of ulcers.


Ginger is a root herb that is another very popular culinary ingredient.

Today though, we aren’t looking at ginger for its delicious taste.

Oh no.

Instead, we’re looking at ginger as a result of its awesome healing properties.

Ginger is a root that has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries upon centuries.

It is one of the healthiest ingredients in the entire world.

In particular, ginger is renowned for its many healing properties when it comes to gastrointestinal health.

Ginger helps to improve digestion, it can treat nausea, it can prevent constipation, gas, and bloating, and much more besides.

Ginger is also able to eradicate the harmful bacteria often associated with stomach ulcers.

Fresh ginger is always best, although ginger supplements can also be purchased.

Avoid Stress

Telling you to avoid stress is like telling somebody to stop aging.

Sometimes stress is sadly unavoidable, but there are things that we can do which can reduce the amount of stress that we suffer from.

Stress is one of the leading causes of stomach ulcers, so if you are able to relax, we recommend doing precisely that.

Avoid stressful situations, and look for ways of relaxing and unwinding if you do feel stress taking hold.

Read a book, take a bath, watch your favorite Netflix series, and just try to relax and focus on your relaxation and feelings of happiness.

If you can avoid stress, you’ll be far less likely to suffer from stomach ulcers, which can only be a good thing.


Fruit, despite being high in natural sugar, is one of the healthiest types of food in existence.

Generally when it comes to fruit, the brighter it is, the healthier it is.

Fruit gets its color from powerful antioxidant flavonoids known as polyphenols.

Polyphenols have been found to help ease and prevent stomach ulcers, as well as countless other digestive issues and complaints.

The reason why fruit is considered to be one of the best natural remedies is because of the fact that the polyphenols in the fruit strengthen the stomach lining by enhancing the amounts of stomach mucous we produce.

This mucus provides a protective layer and shields the stomach lining from the growth of, yep, you guessed it – H Pylori bacteria.

On top of that, the fruit is also packed full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which in turn help to promote optimal health and wellness.


Turmeric is all the rage in the health and fitness community at the moment, and rightfully so.

Turmeric is a root that is very similar in appearance to ginger.

Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory and it gets much of its health benefits from a powerful compound known as curcumin.

Curcumin is not only a potent antioxidant, but it is also a powerful anti-inflammatory that has been found to inhibit the formation of stomach ulcers.

Healthy lifestyle choices

As well as the harmful bacteria responsible for the formation of stomach ulcers, it turns out that unhealthy lifestyle choices have also been strongly linked to the formation of ulcers.

Unhealthy lifestyle choices like Binge drinking, smoking, eating junk food, not exercising, and using recreational drugs can all trigger stomach ulcers.

Sometimes they can cause them, whereas other times they simply exasperate them and make them worse.

If you’re looking to manage your stomach ulcers, or better yet, avoid them entirely, just be sure to lead a healthy lifestyle whenever possible.

You needn’t live on fresh juices, steamed veggies, and wheatgrass smoothies on a daily basis, but the healthier you are, the less likely you’ll be to suffer from stomach ulcers.

As an added bonus, you’ll simply be fitter and healthier anyway, which in itself is ideal.


If you enjoy cranberries then you’ll be glad to hear that cranberry is a very effective natural treatment for a wide range of conditions, including stomach ulcers.

Cranberry is one of the best natural home remedies you could ever wish for.

Cranberry is a great food to consume when looking to avoid infection as it has powerful anti-bacterial properties.

Cranberry juice is often consumed by people suffering from urinary tract infections as it helps to eradicate bacteria before it has the chance to settle and establish itself on the bladder.

Another bacteria that cranberry has been found to be very effective against is H Pylori.

You can either consume fresh cranberries, consume cranberry juice, or simply use a cranberry supplement.

Just be aware that some forms of cranberry juice are sweetened with sugar and are concentrated.

Cranberry sauce, whilst being delicious, is also crammed full of sugar.

Avoid certain foods

Here we’re going to look at certain foods which you should avoid if you deal with a stomach ulcer or acid reflux.

Primarily, the reason to avoid them is that they can exasperate the conditions and make them worse, which will then cause you a lot of pain and discomfort.

If you suffer from a stomach ulcer and experience acid reflux, for example, the pain will not be pleasant.

Typically, avoid high caffeine foods and drinks such as chocolate and coffee, as well as some spicy foods, rich and greasy fried foods, acidic foods such as citrus fruits, carbonated sodas, alcohol, and foods with high sodium contents.

You can have these foods sparingly in some instances, but, be sure to limit the amount you consume and never overeat.


We know that we mentioned avoiding spicy foods just above, but when it comes to chili peppers, you’ll be very surprised to hear that chilies are actually suitable for people affected by stomach ulcers.

Chilli peppers get their heat from a compound known as capsaicin.

Capsaicin is actually the primary ingredient responsible for making chilies one of the best natural home remedies.

You see, capsaicin helps to speed up circulation to the lining of the stomach, and it reduces the production of stomach acid.

Blood flow is increased to the stomach lining will help to heal stomach ulcers, whereas an increase in stomach acid may hinder the recovery process, and lead to pain and discomfort.

Please do not think that all spicy food, however, is therefore beneficial for stomach ulcers because extreme heat can have the opposite effect.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the healthiest plant-based ingredients in the world.

It is renowned for its healing and anti-bacterial properties.

It can also help to reduce the amount of stomach acid we produce naturally.

It is an easily tolerated natural ingredient which can help ease the symptoms associated with stomach ulcers.

Because it is also a natural anti-bacterial ingredient, it can also suppress the production of H Pylori bacteria.

Avoid excess alcohol

We know we covered this earlier, but alcohol is really detrimental for digestive health.

Alcohol causes inflammation in the stomach, which in turn can cause stomach ulcers.


That brings this look at the best natural home remedies for ulcers to a close.

We hope you’ve found the content informative and engaging, and if so, don’t forget to check out our other articles.

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