The 11 Most Ridiculous Houses In The World

They are made of stone, bamboo, aluminum, or transparent glass, they are atypical, puzzling, and sometimes even stunning …

Make yourself comfortable and discover 12 houses that border on the ridiculous!

1# The Beer Can House, A Ridiculous But Unique House

Ridiculous Houses


Never underestimate the intelligence of a heavy beer drinker, he may surprise you!

The proof is in this one-story house, which is located in Houston, Texas.

The Beer Can House is made entirely from beer cans, thousands of them to be exact.

The lawn is covered with cement with pieces of wood, logs, and metal mixed together to create original patterns.

The house is the work of retired upholsterer John Milkovisch, who started this crazy project in 1968 after years of guzzling beer cans.

Zero waste!

The reason Milkovisch started the project was practical: he was tired of mowing the lawn.

Therefore, he decided to cover the lawn with concrete and incorporate small objects to decorate it.

Ridiculous Houses


As long as it looks nice! Once the lawn was covered, Milkovisch built fences, sculptures, windmills, and curtains just from the cans.

By the time he died, John had spent a total of 18 years covering his ridiculous house, fence, and even his tree with about 39,000 cans of beer.

Today, it is possible to visit that house.

Since it has become an art exhibit in the city. Showing that a can of beer isn’t just trash!

2# Reversible Destiny Lofts

Ridiculous Houses


We head off to Tokyo now, where the Reversible Destiny Lofts are located, unique houses that are puzzling because of their singular design.

The Reversible Destiny Lofts were designed by Madeline Gins and Shusaku Arakawa, two internationally renowned Japanese architects.

A house that attracts a lot of visitors

These “obstacle” houses, which seem to come straight out of a children’s cartoon, innovate not only by their exterior appearance but also by their interior design.

For example, to access the verandas through the small doors, you have to bend down or even crawl.

The very narrow interior passages force the inhabitants to twist and do gymnastics.

These multicolored constructions with heterogeneous forms rethink architecture in all its forms.

Ridiculous Houses

Indeed, they do not combine any sense of space or balance, which are the fundamental principles of housing design.

These exceptional buildings attract a lot of visitors every day.

In addition, some are available for residential or short-term rentals. But be warned, you will not be safe from muscle aches and joint problems!

Relatively inconvenient, even borderline impractical, these lofts with their unusual designs tend to confuse their visitors, in the true sense of the word!

3# Emblematic Domes Of The Bay Area

Ridiculous Houses


This strange family villa located in Hillsborough, California, is nicknamed by tourists “the Flintstones’ house”, in homage to the famous cartoon of Hanna-Barbera.

Built by the architect William Nicholson in 1976, the house was put up for sale for the staggering price of $4.8 million and finally sold for $2.8 million. This 250m2 residence has round shapes and opens onto the land of more than 8000m2.

The house has it all.

Sitting on a hilltop, the villa overlooks Crystal Springs’ man-made lake.

Ridiculous HousesWhile it explicitly evokes the stylized Stone Age cartoon with its orange and purple facade, the interior offers great luxury and modern comfort.

With its 8 rooms and its garage with egg-shaped windows, the house has it all.

One could never guess that it was truly inspired by the 1960s cartoon.

But the nickname it has been given will obviously stick with it forever.

4# The One Square Meter House

Ridiculous Houses


Does living in a 1m2 house seem impossible to you?

Well, it is not for Van Bo Le-Mentzel.

This young architectural prodigy from Berlin, Germany, has built the smallest house in the world, with a surface area of one square meter.

Called “The One Square Meter House”, this house is made entirely of wood. Even though it measures only one small square meter, its layout makes it possible to sleep it comfortably.

Not for claustrophobic people

Le-Mentzel has thought of this little house thanks to his past.

Indeed, the former nomadic architect spent a large part of his life as a refugee.

He moved around a lot and depended on social subsidies and social housing.

He then decided to build a house that was sufficient to shelter him and at the same time allowed him to move around, hence the originality of his design.

Moreover, it had to be designed with accessible materials.

Van Bo says that this house is the only “square meter in the world” where he can freely decide what direction to point his window and in which direction the door will open.

Clearly, it is not a luxury home.

Yet, don’t they say that a small home of your own is better than a large one where you’re a guest?

5# An Unusual Glasshouse

Ridiculous Houses


Back to Tokyo, in a quiet and uneventful neighborhood, where an incredible glass house is built!

Designed by the architect Sou Fujimoto, this house has a white metal structure and some raw concrete panels that serve as a support for glass boxes.

Rather than going for large rooms, the architect chose rather small living areas: 21 in total, spread over 4 levels and 81 square meters.

On the other hand, the plumbing system, electricity, and air conditioning are hidden and are all grouped together at the back of the house on the north side.

This House Is Not For The Shy Ones!

The bathrooms are placed in the center so that they are not “too” visible from the outside!

During the night, a shutter system makes it possible to hide and bring the necessary darkness for a good sleep and intimacy.

Thus, the life of the residents in these transparent cubes can be seen from the outside from sunrise to sunset.

So if you like to walk around naked in your home in the summer, this house is definitely not for you!

6# An Unusual House In Malibu

Ridiculous Houses


Here is another version of the “Flintstones House”.

This magnificent and unusual villa, called Flintstone, is located in Malibu. As you can see, it has the particularity of being entirely designed on the Flintstone House model.

The house has one bedroom and two bathrooms, and most importantly, a fireplace! It also has several large bay windows offering a magnificent view of the city lights and sunsets.

A Perfect Inspiration From The Stone Age

Ridiculous Houses

The entire interior of the villa has been specially custom-designed.

The “Flintstones” texture pattern has been applied to every element without exception.

Thus we can find faucets, tables, chairs, drawers inspired by the Stone Age yet paradoxically very modern.

The entire property covers more than 22 hectares and is still waiting for a new owner, for the sum of 3.5 million dollars.

So if you have a well-filled bank account and enjoy a good barbecue in front of a sumptuous sunset, you know what you have to do!

7# Living In A Ridiculous House In The Shape Of A Crocodile!

Ridiculous Houses


We now head for Abidjan, the former capital of the Ivory Coast, where Thierry Atta lives.

This man-made the choice to live in the belly of a crocodile, a fake one of course!

Although it is fake, its appearance is nevertheless truer than life! Located in the middle of Abidjan, the “house” of the architect has the shape of a massive and grotesque crocodile, completely emptied from the inside, to create a living space with a minimum of comfort.

A Strange House

Completed in 2008, the crocodile is the work of the artist Moussa Kalo, who unfortunately died only two months before its completion.

As Kalo’s apprentice, Atta decided to move into the structure that the men had created.

And he has since made the crocodile his home.

With windows and a bed, the ridiculous little concrete house is habitable.

I don’t mean to be a spoilsport, but I wonder how he manages to get to sleep in it!

8# Carrying Your Own House On Your Back

Ridiculous Houses


Do you know the saying that a homeless man’s home is everywhere?

It seems that Liu Lingchao is the perfect embodiment of it.

This Chinese man has taken on the crazy challenge of walking more than 430 kilometers with his house on his back. (Note to editor: show a snail)

Wherever he goes, this thirty-something never travels without his house of about 60 kilos on his shoulders.

We reassure you, it is mainly made of plastic, bamboo, and sheets.

This idea came to him when he lost his job and was evicted from his home.

Liu then decided to walk to his hometown in Guangxi from Shenzhen, where he worked all over the way there. Every day, Liu carries his home 20km.

A beautiful Feeling Of Freedom!

Measuring 1.50 meters wide and 2.20 meters high, this house offers this nomad the needs necessary for his survival! A place to rest and a few shelves to store his food and personal belongings.

He built this house in order to save money during his travels while remaining protected from the cold and rain. This kind of shell on a human scale allows the Chinaman to rest when he wants and where he wants! And especially to feel free.

The disadvantage is that it does not offer him great comfort. But the advantage is that he doesn’t have to pay water or electricity bills and will never need to call a plumber!

9# A Ridiculous House In The Shape Of An Egg

Ridiculous Houses


Dai Haifei, a 24-year-old Chinese young man from Hunan province, chose to build and place his ridiculous little egg-shaped house in a courtyard in Beijing.

Ridiculous Houses

Inspired by the design of the company where he worked, Dai spent only 6,427 yuan or 822 euros on it.

Its unique shape and outer wall were constructed from bamboo, and small natural material bags filled with sawdust and grass.

Which provides good insulation.

A Very Cool Idea!

Dai didn’t want to live in a remote part of the city, pay rent, or even spend several hours a day in a crowded bus. But faced with the reality of high house prices, Dai Haifei had the idea of building one with the means at hand.

Finally… when we talk about the resources at hand, it took next to nothing, approximately 822 euros between the wheels, ropes, grinders, water tanks and pumps, steel, fabric, paint, insulation, Plexiglas, and the ventilation system… The shipping of the house built from Hunan to Beijing cost 3 500 yuans.

Living Close To Work… Sweet!

When the house arrived in Beijing, Dai placed it under the company building where he worked and moved in immediately. It only took him a few seconds to get to work.

He doesn’t have a kitchen in the house, but he can afford meals at restaurants with his savings. Daihai Fei’s new “house” has modest dimensions of 2x3x2 meters. Inside: a bed, two small tables, and a sink.

The Chinese architecture student points out that a solar panel has been installed on the “roof” of his egg house, which allows him to have electricity.

Might as well go the extra mile!

10# The Upside-down House, Too Ridiculous But We Love It!

Ridiculous Houses


No, this picture is not upside down! You don’t have to wring your neck to see it since this house was built that way! Its roof is firmly anchored to the ground.

Built on the island of Usedom, in the city of Trassenheide, Germany, this unusual house was born from the crazy idea of two Polish workers Klaudiusz Golos and Sebastian Mikiiuk.

The Project « Did not serve any particular purpose »

They just wanted to “do something different”. It was built like a classic house, except for one detail: here everything is upside down.

As you can guess, in this house, it’s difficult to sit down to have lunch… We glued the chairs and tables to the floor, uh… sorry, to the ceiling. So you would have to be upside down, not very practical for dinner!

And to test the floor you have to stand! Like all houses, this one has a bathroom. But it is not very useful, fortunately!

11# The Gue(Ho)st House:

Ridiculous Houses


Boo! A bit of terror to finish! We head to Delme, in France, where the “Gue(ho)st House” with its sumptuous white front is located. This atypical building has something organic about it and seems to be in constant motion because of its wavy shapes.

This house is the work of a French artist couple, Christophe Berdaguer and Marie Péjus, who prefer to refer to it as a sculpture rather than a construction.

An Unusual House With Any Fans

And the last one is ou ridiculous houses list is, The “Gue(Ho)st House” is a play on words between “guest” and “host”. And ” ghost “, is originally a public order from the commune of Delme.

It was in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, the department of Moselle, and the Lorraine region.

The two architects, therefore, chose to dress with polystyrene and resin an old building next to the Synagogue of Delme.

A house that has been used over the years as a school, prison, and even as a funeral home.

This parade of uses and memories, of so many different “guests and hosts” over time, in these places steeped in history, inspired the artists to come up with the concept of the ghost house, which the public seems to have immediately embraced.

Berdaguer and Péjus projected on the walls of the Gue(Ho)st House the immaculate whiteness of the interior of the synagogue.

One is very geometric and symmetrical, while the other appears elusive and animated.

So what do you think of these twelve unusual houses? Could you live in one of them? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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