15 Natural Home Remedies For High Blood Sugar

Diabetes, or to be specific, type-2 diabetes, is a disease that has reached pandemic proportions in the developed world.

That is why today, we’re going to be looking at several home remedies for high blood sugar.

With the number of cases of type-2 diabetes across the globe now reaching pandemic proportions, health experts and officials are extremely concerned, and for good reason.

Diabetes is a potentially life-threatening disease that is extremely difficult to manage.

Furthermore, it can severely affect your overall quality of life.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about type-2 diabetes, however, is the fact that the disease can easily be avoided.

Caused primarily due to poor dietary and lifestyle choices, diabetes is a disease that needs constant care and maintenance.

The good news is that there are a series of home remedies, which not only helps to manage diabetes, but they can also help to prevent it.

Here are a few prime examples.

What Is Type-2 Diabetes?

Type-2 diabetes is basically a disease in which the person affected can either not produce enough insulin to help control their blood sugar levels, or they’ve built up a resistance to the insulin, rendering it ineffective.

Either way, the end result is an accumulation of glucose in the bloodstream, which can then result in all manner of health complications.

Keeping your blood sugar levels stable is essential for optimal health and wellness.

For that reason, we’re now going to look at several natural and effective ways of keeping your blood glucose levels stable.

15. Home Remedies For High Blood Sugar

Now that you know the basics regarding diabetes, insulin, and high blood sugar levels, we’re now going to share a series of home remedies.

remedies for high blood sugar

1. Whole Wheat Bread

We live in an age where everything has to be refined or processed, and that is especially obvious with bread.

White bread, for example, is considered a simple carbohydrate and as a result, it is quickly digested and broken down, where it is absorbed into the bloodstream causing a sudden spike in blood glucose levels and insulin secretion.

They cause sudden increases in blood sugar levels.

This is not ideal.

Whole wheat bread, however, is a complex carbohydrate and as a result, it is digested and broken down much slower than simple carbs.

This means that whole wheat bread has a lower Glycaemic Index, and the lower the G.I the better.

2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon isn’t just a delicious spice that goes incredibly well with apples.

It turns out that cinnamon is also a wonderful ingredient when it comes to regulating your blood glucose levels too.

Studies have found evidence to suggest that cinnamon works extremely well at reducing blood sugar levels and helping to control and regulate the symptoms associated with diabetes.

The basic science behind cinnamon is that it improves insulin sensitivity, so you respond more favorably to it.

This, in turn, helps to shuttle the glucose from your blood and into your cells to be used as energy.

3. Probiotics

If you’re looking for home remedies, another awesome remedy to consider is a probiotic.

Probiotics help to promote healthy gut bacteria.

One of the main reasons why probiotics are considered so beneficial for blood sugar regulation is that they help to ease inflammation in the gut, whilst also helping to protect cells in the pancreas.

As the pancreas is responsible for producing insulin, the benefits of probiotics are suddenly well documented.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another natural remedy for high blood sugar that is renowned for its healing and medicinal properties.

Aloe Vera is great for the prevention and treatment of diabetes for a number of different reasons.

Though research is still ongoing, there is evidence that suggests that Aloe Vera could stimulate the natural production of insulin within the pancreas.

Aloe Vera supplements are therefore considered awesome home remedies.

5. Clean Up Your Lifestyle

Generally, people that lead unhealthy lifestyles are far more susceptible to high blood sugar levels than those that are fit and healthy.

Try not to drink excessive amounts of alcohol, don’t smoke, don’t eat heaps of junk, and try to exercise, get plenty of sleep, and be more active.

6. Lose Weight

Now, if you are at a healthy BMI and are not overweight, this next tip doesn’t apply to you.

If however, you are overweight, pay close attention.

Obesity is considered to be one of the leading causes of diabetes, and it is often a precursor.

Those that are obese are far more susceptible to elevated blood sugar levels than those that are at a healthy weight.

Needless to say, if you are overweight, it is strongly recommended that you do what is necessary to lose weight and drop down to a healthier BMI.

7. Get More Exercise

In terms of wellness in general, you simply cannot go wrong with exercise.

Exercise is great for the mind, body, and soul, and it is also fantastic for keeping your blood sugar levels stable and under control.

Exercising regularly will help you to lose excess body fat, which as you now know, is a leading contributory factor when it comes to diabetes.

Not only will regular exercise help you to shed those pounds, but it will also help to improve insulin sensitivity within the body.

The more sensitive you are to insulin, the more effective this hormone becomes.

Aim to exercise for at least 3 hours per week, though the more the better.

Within reason, of course.

8. Watch Those Carbs

We’ve already mentioned how simple carbs are extremely bad for us when it comes to our blood sugar levels, and we’ve also looked at why complex carbs are better.

The simple fact of the matter, however, is that any carbs, even complex carbs, can be detrimental for your blood sugar levels if you aren’t careful.

In terms of home remedies, one of the best things you can do is monitor the number of carbs you consume.

Try to keep simple carb intakes to an absolute minimum, and try to ensure that you don’t consume too many complex carbs either.

Some people have found great success in controlling their blood sugar levels when following a low carb diet, so that is certainly worth considering.

9. Take In More Fiber

Dietary fiber is crucially important for our health and well-being for a whole host of different reasons.

Fiber helps to reduce the rate in which carbs are digested and absorbed by the body.

Because of this, foods rich in fiber create a much slower and far more gradual increase in blood glucose levels.

What’s more, fiber also helps to promote optimal gut health and digestion.

In particular, if you look for foods rich in soluble fiber, you’ll find that these really help to keep your blood glucose levels stable and under control.

10. Eat More Sweet Potatoes

Generally speaking, the sweeter the food, the higher its sugar content.

Because of this, people often assume that sweet potatoes are off-limits and off the menu if they’re at risk of diabetes or if they suffer from high blood sugar levels.

It turns out, though, that sweet potatoes are actually a wonderful example of great home remedies.

Sweet potatoes have a low G.I, despite having a distinctly sweet taste.

Sweet potatoes are a great source of carbs, but they actually have a lower Glycaemic Index than regular white potatoes.

On top of that, they’re also rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, antioxidants, and essential trace minerals needed for optimal health and wellness.

11. Cut Way Back On Junk Food

If you consume a lot of junk food, especially processed sweet treats, you need to cut way back on them if you want to ensure that your blood sugar levels remain stable and under control.

Too much junk food can promote weight gain, and we all know how detrimental being overweight can be to your health.

As well as that, though, you’ll also find that junk food is often packed full of sugar, which causes a sudden spike in insulin production and blood sugar levels.

If you’re looking for home remedies, one of the best things you can do is cut way back on the amount of junk food that you consume.

You don’t need to live on superfoods and raw plant-based produce, but 99% of the time, try to eat healthy and wholesome foods.

Save the junk food for special occasions, and try to go for options that aren’t overly rich in carbs or simple sugars.

12. Try Berberine

Contrary to what some people believe, berberine isn’t actually a herb at all.

Rather, it is a compound with a bitter taste that is extracted from the stems and the roots of other plants and herbs.

One common example is Goldenseal.

According to recent research, berberine has been found to have shown great promise when it comes to the amount of sugar that we uptake from foods and drinks.

It also may help to increase insulin sensitivity in the body.

Many athletes actually supplement with berberine, as it apparently helps to increase the amount of sugar that is absorbed by cells in the muscles to be used as energy.

Put simply, berberine may help your muscles to absorb and use more sugar for energy.

If the muscles have more energy, they perform better which means that you perform better.

13. Vitamin D

When talking about home remedies, we can’t overlook the importance of vitamin D.

Vitamin D is known as the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’ due to the fact that, when exposed to rays from the sun, our bodies naturally synthesize this very vitamin.

Numerous studies conducted over the years have found very strong evidence to suggest that a deficiency in vitamin D could put you at a much greater risk of suffering from type-2 diabetes.

So, the more vitamin D you have, the less likely you will be to be affected by the disease.

Vitamin D helps to promote healthy pancreatic cells, and so naturally, the healthier the pancreas, the easier you’ll find it to control and regulate your blood glucose levels.

As well as trying to spend more time in the sunshine (being careful not to burn during the summer) you should also consider a vitamin D supplement.

14. Magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral needed by the body, that is responsible for countless physiological processes.

Magnesium helps to promote a good night’s sleep, it promotes rest and relaxation, it strengthens the immune system, and it helps to promote the production and secretion of insulin via the pancreas.

Magnesium is found in a number of whole foods, as well as being found in supplement form.

15. Drink More Water

Staying hydrated is essential for optimal health and wellness, yet many of us find ourselves reaching for chemical-laden diet sodas or sugary beverages rather than water.

Sugary drinks, and yes, that includes fresh fruit juice, are off-limits for people with high blood sugar levels, and sugar-free beverages offer no nutrition at all.

Sugar-free drinks are also full of chemicals that will almost certainly damage our health in the long run.

Instead, we should try to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of freshwaters.

Studies have found that optimal levels of hydration can reduce your risk of high blood glucose levels.

So, when looking for home remedies, look no further than good old H20 and you’ll soon be reaping the rewards.


Now is probably a good time to bring this article looking at home remedies for high blood sugar levels to a close.

Hopefully, after reading what we have to say, you’ve now a better idea about what you should and should not be doing when it comes to keeping your blood sugar levels stable.

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