9 Tell-Tale Signs a Person Likes You Even When You Don’t Think That They Do

We human beings are a strange old species. We look different, we speak differently, we act differently, and we think differently.

That is what makes us unique and that is what sets us apart from all of the other living creatures walking this green earth.

As great as this is, it does mean that some of us aren’t quite as straightforward and as transparent as we may have hoped.

In an ideal world, things would be black and white which means that we’d ask a question, receive an honest and simple answer, and that would be that.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world and sometimes we don’t always get the answers we want.

If you’re around somebody and you aren’t sure whether or not they like you, whether they be a friend, family member, a complete stranger, or a potential romantic partner, here are several signs that a person likes you, even when you don’t think so.

1# They Get Physically Closer To You

Signs a Person Likes

One of the most obvious signs that somebody likes you is when they make an effort to physically get closer to you.

Personal space, for example, is sacred to us all and so if a person you are around makes an effort to sit next to you, or stand closer to you, they probably like you.

We distance ourselves from those we dislike, and we move closer to those we do like.

From an evolutionary standpoint, we have been doing this for millions of years as we would once upon a time shield ourselves and our possessions from “threats”.

2# They Will Remove Physical Things In Between You And Them

Signs a Person Likes

Another tell-tale sign that somebody may like you is when they will make an effort to remove physical things between the two of you.

If for example, you’re sat on the sofa with somebody, they may remove a lot of cushions so that there are fewer “barriers” between the two of you.

These “barriers” could be large objects like sleeping bags, large boxes, or thick duvets, or they could be small and something as small and insignificant as a glass of water or a handbag or purse placed on the table between the two of you.

3# They May Point Their Feet Towards You

Signs a Person Likes

One clear sign that a person may like you is when they point their feet towards you.

This body language is indicative of their affection towards you, so if you are around somebody, even if they are speaking to somebody else or looking in another direction, take a look at the direction in which their feet are pointing.

If their feet are pointing towards you, it shows that they are thinking of you, even if it is on a subconscious level.

4# They May Raise Their Eyebrows

Signs a Person Likes

If you come into contact with a person and perhaps greet them, if they raise their eyebrows this isn’t necessarily a sign of surprise, it could be that they secretly like you.

The more obvious the eyebrow raise is, the stronger their affection towards you may be.

5# They May Sit With An Unusually Straight Back

Signs a Person Likes

In the wild, when animals wish to attract a mate, they often try to make themselves stand out in order to draw attention to themselves.

If somebody close to you is sitting upright with an unusually straight back, they may be trying to subconsciously accentuate themselves in order to stand out so that you notice them.

This is basically a form of what is known as ‘peacocking’.

6# Pay Attention To Unusual Compliments

If you receive what may be considered a ‘backhanded compliment’ pay attention to the individual that is giving it to you.

People that like you may feel like, deep down, you’re perfect as you are and that you don’t need compliments, so they will instead not give them to you, or will give backhanded compliments with a hint of passive aggression.

Some people take this as a sign of hostility when in reality it is often the exact opposite.

7# Take A Look At Where They Walk With You

If you are walking with somebody and you aren’t sure whether or not they like you, try to pay close attention to the position in which they are in when they’re with you.

If they are walking in front of you, this could be a sign that they aren’t all that into you as it means they may care more about themselves.

If they walk behind you, it could be that they like the view (make of that what you will) but if they walk side by side with you, this is a clear indication that they probably like you as it means that want to be as close to you as they can.

8# Pay Close Attention To Their Eyes

If a person likes you, they will likely make eye contact with you and maintain it for a prolonged period of time, even if it may feel somewhat awkward.

On the flip side, if a person doesn’t like you, they will likely blink a lot.

The main reason for this is that the eyes also act as barriers so by closing them they are essentially blocking that other person out.

Remember, wide eyes with less blinking is a sign that the person you’re talking to may like you, so be sure to pay attention.

9# Men Often Show Their Vulnerabilities To People They Like

Signs a Person Likes

If a man talks to another person that they like, pay close attention to where they place their hands.

If a man places his hands on his hips with his stomach and his groin open, this could mean that he likes you.

This hand placement may seem arrogant, but in reality, he is subconsciously showing that he is open to you and is comfortable in showing his vulnerability.

On the flip side, if he places his hands in his pockets, or crosses his arms, he is closing himself off from you.

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