The 10 Unexplained Phenomena That Occur In The World!(Videos)

Animal rains around the world, a dragon discovered in the Philippines, angels filmed in the sky in Brazil, and other surprising phenomena await you in this article!

Ready to discover them?

Then get ready: here are 10 unexplained phenomena that occur in the world!

#Flammable Water! Strange!

This man in North Dakota in the United States made an unlikely discovery that does not bode well for the future. By bringing his lit lighter several times closer to the open faucet, he realized that the water immediately caught fire!

A Strange Video

When this unexplained and worrying phenomenon occurs, it is best to avoid taking a bath. If the water is flammable, it is probably due to a hydrocarbon leak! A product that has polluted the water distribution system. In particular, methane, which is a highly flammable fuel.

This type of environmental incident is not new to North Dakota. A few years ago, an oil pipeline ruptured, causing more than a million liters of crude oil to flow into the northeastern part of the state!

# The Discovery Of a Dragon In The Philippines

Something akin to dragon carcass has been discovered in the Philippines, in a village in the south of the country. The video, which shows this fantastic find, lasts 35 seconds and was posted on Facebook in August 2016. As you can imagine, the fascinated and gullible internet users shared it massively.

The images were more surprising due to the fact that the creature’s appearance is confusing! It is clearly neither a sea animal, nor a primate, nor a feline.

The anatomy of this chimeric monster with large wings evokes only one choice: dragons. And we love these legendary reptiles so much that we would like to believe in them with all our heart.

Here Is The Truth!

But in reality, this captivating discovery does not reveal the existence of these creatures from the imagination of the first men on earth.

The truth is more mundane: it is simply a very successful model of a dragon created by a Spanish artist.

And he was scheduled to appear on a local television show. This artist’s name is Juan Villa Herrero. But one wonders if he was surprised by the impact of his video, which enchanted dragon enthusiasts.

In an email addressed to the AFP, he expressly recognized that the dragon was an artistic fabrication. And we accompanied his confession with various photos that included the stages of its conception.

This fake dragon was discovered in Davao Del Sur! It is a province in the Philippines on a continent where the representations of dragons in Asia are very numerous. You may not know it, but Asian dragons do not look like their Western counterparts.

The Asian Version Is Less Aggressive

Although both embody omnipotence, Asian dragons are less aggressive, less hostile, and more refined; they symbolize sovereignty and power.

On the other hand, in Europe, and particularly in Celtic and Nordic legends, dragons are evil.

They have large wings, spit fiery flames, and are the guardians of buried treasures that they jealously protect.

# A Beam Of Light In The Sky: An Unexplained Phenomenon

A mysterious ray of light was seen one day in the sky of Greenwood, a small American town. The images, which are not faked, were filmed by a cyclist and have undergone a really strange phenomenon!

Not far from the sun, a beam of light moving strangely behind a cloud, like a torch fire stirred by the breath of the winds.

After the publication of this sequence, some people have claimed to see the effects of a plane passing by or a flash of light. In reality, this beam of light is a rare optical phenomenon, which has been known since ancient times.

The Strange Phenomenon Already Has A Name

This unexplained phenomenon is called: “the parhelion”, or “the false sun”.

And it manifests itself by the display of two reflections of the sun, horizontally arranged on either side of it.

This gives the illusion of a solar triad.

This optical phenomenon takes place when ice crystals fill the upper layers of the atmosphere, and the sun is on the horizon, in a low position.

These ice particles, hexagonal in shape, have a prismatic effect when they fall from the clouds.

The whole of these crystals then constitutes a network of prisms that can refract the sunlight.

# A Strange Video Of A Ghost Saving A Girl’s Life

Strange images were captured by this CCTV camera. The scene takes place at night in the middle of a road. While crossing the road, a woman almost got run over by a car she did not see coming.

The worst was only avoided by the miraculous intervention of a man who, in a split second, springs out of nowhere, grabs the woman, and carries her across the road, before disappearing!

The woman, who remains motionless, is confused but nevertheless unharmed. The two stationary drivers got out of their vehicle, looking confused.

Surprising Images!

But what meaning can be given to these images?

It is difficult to explain how this heroic rescue could have happened. The speed of the rescuer is mind-boggling, and raises many questions!

At first glance, it is hard to imagine that such a movement could be real.

But it has to be said, to this day, the mystery of these surreal images has never been solved. What do you think it is?

# A Swing Moves By Itself In A Strange Video

Do you believe in ghosts and their inexplicable, invisible, and often frightening manifestations?

If so, you will surely see a strong clue to their existence in these images.

And if not, you might want to rack your brains to find an explanation for this unexplained phenomenon, because there is none.

In India, in an empty amusement park, a walker happened to film something that is difficult to experience without feeling shivers of terror! Without anyone around, a swing moves by itself, with force, from right to left, and back and forth.

There Are Several Theories

One could very well believe in the action of the winds if the swing next door was not completely motionless during the whole video which lasts half a minute.

But this strange scene quickly went viral on the internet! And many commentators have speculated about the cause of these abnormal movements, without ever agreeing.

What Do You Think Is The Cause?

Moreover, the swing’s movements were filmed in broad daylight. Even paying close attention to the images, you can’t see any strings attached to the board.

We also do not see, as a supposed few Internet users mentioned, a fishing line attached to the wood and pulled in secret by means of a reel.

This hypothesis is perhaps the most realistic. But this is not the case, since the person filming these disturbing images, while fleeing, momentarily revealed the entire neighboring area, which is indeed deserted.

Unless you can imagine a trick, this video is really terrifying, and we still don’t know the reasons for these mysterious swings. 

# Yes, The Earth Breathes Too! Look!

In a Canadian forest, a man has filmed something that looks like it came straight out of a fantasy film: a piece of ground covered with grass rises up several times, giving the impression that the earth is breathing!

These spellbinding images are not at all faked. Indeed, the intermittent swelling of the ground and the sagging of the trees are very authentic phenomenon.

But How Can The Earth Give The Impression That It Breathes?

In reality, there are no hidden underground lungs; this phenomenon is due to a series of practical causes.

Specifically, when the rains are heavy, the soil becomes waterlogged, and tree roots loosen, almost to the point of breaking.

Under the gusts of wind, the forest floor and the trees rise, giving the hypnotic illusion that the earth is breathing!

Did you know about this phenomenon?

This is not the first time it has happened. A similar video was filmed in Nova Scotia, in a Cumberland forest, where a walker was surprised to see the same mesmerizing phenomenon.

# The Mystery Of Pombero

These images were filmed in Paraguay and started instantly, in the distance, a shapeless, black and hairy creature, whose nature is difficult to determine. But the hypothesis most frequently evoked is that it is a Pombero: a mythical creature typical of South American legends.

Described as a deformed and repulsive monster, the Pombero lives in the woods and in abandoned houses. It emits a whistle to announce its appearance. And it is especially known for protecting birds whose sounds it knows how to imitate, especially nocturnal birds.

Yes, This Hairy Bandit Has Singular Tastes.

The Pombero lives in rural areas and moves around with absolute discretion.

And he is not considered an evil and abominable being, but rather a troublemaker, who, for example, releases livestock, steals eggs, scares away horses, and plunders maize crops.

However, contrary to what one might think, such inconveniences are not prevented by hunting this agile and devious little monster: it is rather done by coaxing it. Indeed, the Pombero loves gifts, especially honey, cigars, and rum.

Moreover, in some Paraguayan provinces, the peasants are sure to gain the benevolence and protection of the Pombero by leaving him gifts in special places in the evenings.

# An Unexplained Phenomenon: Angels In the Sky

A Brazilian cameraman published a video that raised many questions and hypotheses.

It shows two winged creatures emerging from the clouds and flying in the sky, one next to the other, for a few seconds.

These creatures, equipped with a human body and large white wings, immediately evoke the idea of angels. In fact, the title of the video mentions that they are two angels flying over the Brazilian azure.

Can We Believe This Strange Video?

We have to admit that this unexplained phenomenon is a bit big for us to really question the authenticity of this double angelic appearance.

Angels are supposedly invisible creatures that only manifest themselves in dreams or visions, and have a human and luminous appearance.

And moreover, to cut short all speculation, cameraman Jessen Carlos published several months later, a video that reveals the technical process by which he digitally created the two angels hovering below the clouds.

# Animal Rain, A Phenomenon That Is Still Unexplained

Animal rains are among the rarest and most frightening occurrences.

While there are many testimonies on these prodigious events, the fact itself has only been mentioned belatedly by meteorologists, which explains the lack of serious studies on this subject.

And since this unexplained phenomenon has long been hidden from view and impresses the imagination, it is only natural that all sorts of interpretations and legends surround it.

Testimonies of animal rains date back to ancient times and occur in many countries and at different times throughout history.

Most of the time, these stories mention rains of frogs, fish, and birds.

Rains Of Frogs

Unexplained Phenomena

In an attempt to explain how frogs end up in thousands scattered on the ground for no obvious reason, the Greek philosopher Theophrastus explains, in the 4th century B.C., that frogs do not fall with the rain, but that it makes them emerge from the ground.

This hypothesis, at least, is more realistic than those of Reginald Scotus, who states in the 16th century that these frogs apparently fallen from the sky are spontaneously generated and that they are born from rain.

But the most ingenious supposition is the one given in the 19th century. According to it, the eggs of amphibians rise to the sky thanks to the evaporation of water. And this, before hatching in the clouds and falling as frog rain.

More seriously, these amusing conjectures have been superseded by more plausible scientific hypotheses. Indeed, we now know that all frog and fish rains occur because of waterspouts, that is, tornadoes occurring at sea.

Bird Rains

Unexplained Phenomena

For bird rains, the causes are more complex and less easy to determine. Indeed, bird rains can be explained either by tornadoes or by massive poisoning. Or by aerial collisions within the group, caused by panic movements.

But in other, more specific cases, it may seem that animals fall from the sky when in reality they are only moving: for example, spiders.

In fact, some species of spiders define a network of webs that look like parachutes, thanks to which they travel enormous distances. When numerous colonies make this migration, it can look like rain.

What do you think of all these strange phenomena? Which one has intrigued you the most? Tell us what you think in the comment section!

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