20 Of The Youngest Billionaires In The World

Regardless of how unfair you may feel it to be, the simple fact remains that there are currently more young billionaires in the world than ever before.

Whether they’re celebrities born into wealth, children of entrepreneurs, or self-made, the number of young billionaires in the world is increasing with each passing year, which is what we’re going to be looking at in today’s article.

Right now there are more than 2,100 billionaires living in the world, yet of this 2,100 plus, a staggering 71 of them are under the age of 40, which really is quite remarkable given their achievements, or bank balances, depending on your outlook on life.

Now, make no mistake about it, whereas some people are born into wealth, or are given a helping hand, if they are able to become some of the richest people s in the world, way before reaching 40 years of age, this surely is something that needs to be celebrated, regardless of their circumstances.

The entrants we’re looking at today have their fingers in a whole host of pies from cosmetics and property, to beer and duty-free.

Based upon the Forbes rich list, and in no particular order, here’s a look at 20 of the youngest billionaires in the world.

The Youngest Billionaires In The World

1. Kylie Jenner

youngest billionaires Kylie Jenner

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, and have never heard of social media or reality TV, the name Kylie Jenner will probably be one that you’re sick of hearing.

One of the main reasons why Kylie Jenner is all over your Instagram account, however, is due to the fact that she is largely a self-made billionaire.

Kylie Jenner is aged just 23 and is the CEO of her own cosmetics company known as Kyle Cosmetics, and as she owns a 100% stake in the company, she is currently worth a staggering $1 billion.

2. Alexandra And Katharina Andresen

youngest billionaires Alexandra And Katharina Andresen

Next up we have Alexandra Andresen and her sister Katharina Andreson.

Now, these sisters get a lot of hate online because, in theory, they didn’t work for her money, as instead, they inherited their fortune from their family’s investment company known as ‘Ferd’.

Aged 24 and 25 respectively, the pair each inherited 42% of the company, giving the pair of them a net worth of $1.4 billion.

3. Gustav Magnar Witzoe

youngest billionaires Gustav Magnar Witzoe

Here we have Gustav Magnar Witzoe.

Aged 28, Gustav has made his fortune from one of the most delicious dishes in the entire world – salmon.

Gustav earned his fortune from owning roughly a 50% stake in Salmar ASA, which is one of the biggest producers of salmon on the entire planet.

Now, Gustav didn’t start this business himself, though he certainly worked hard, and was gifted the stake in the company by his father Gustav Witzoe, who founded the company and got it up and running.

Currently residing in Norway, Gustav is currently worth a very impressive $3 Billion, which is not too fishy at all.

4. Evan Spiegel

youngest billionaires Evan Spiegel

If you’re familiar with social media, you likely use Snapchat.

This unique image-based social media app has not been around for too long, yet it is considered one of the most lucrative in the entire world.

Snapchat is primarily popular with youngsters all across the globe, and it has netted Evan an absolute fortune.

Currently, Evan, who is aged just 30, is worth a whopping $2.1 Billion.

He even turned down a $3 Billion offer from Facebook for Snapchat, long before it was established, so this shows how much faith he had in his creation.

5. John Collison

youngest billionaires John Collison

John Collison is the next individual that we’re looking at today, and he is another young entrepreneur who is set for life thanks to the fruits of his labors.

John Collison is aged 30 and is the founder of a payment company known as Stripe.

John resides in San Francisco and is currently estimated to be worth a cool $2.1 billion.

He is one of the youngest rich people and is a testament to the fact that hard work does pay off.

6. Ludwig Theodor Braun

youngest billionaires Ludwig Theodor Braun

Next on our list, we have 29-year-old Ludwig Theodor Braun.

Ludwig owns a 10% stake in the company known as B. Braun Melsungen, which is a company responsible for making medical devices.

Ludwig resides in Germany and is currently worth a more than impressive $1 Billion.

7. Anna Kasprzak

youngest billionaires Anna Kasprzak

Anna Kasprzak is aged just 30 at the time of writing, and she owns shares in a company called ECCO. ECCO is a Danish company that specializes in shoemaking.

The company is family-run and she owns shares in it along with her brother and her mother.

Anna’s current net worth sits at around $1 Billion.

8. Jonathon Kwok

youngest billionaires Jonathon Kwok

Jonathon Kwok is currently aged 31 as of this writing and he, along with his brother Geoffrey, runs a company known as Empire Group Holdings.

This is a prospering property development company in Hong Kong.

The company itself is doing very well, but add to this the fact that the two brothers also inherited their dad’s stake in his company – Sun Hung Kai Properties, it’s easy to see why he made it onto the list.

Jonathon, who resides in Hong Kong, has a net worth is currently around $2.3 Billion.

9. Patrick Collison

youngest billionaires Patrick Collison

Up next on this list we have Patrick Collison.

Patrick Collison, aged 31, is the co-found of Stripe. Sound familiar?

It should do if you were paying attention earlier because we’ve already looked at his brother.

Patrick co-founded Stripe along with his brother John, he resides in San Francisco, and he currently has a net worth of $2.1 Billion just like his brother.

10. Bobby Murphy

youngest billionaires Bobby Murphy

When people talk about Snapchat, it is often Evan Spiegel that gets much of the praise and attention, yet people don’t realize that Bobby Murphy co-founded this social networking site along with Evan.

Bobby, aged 31, is worth $2.1 Billion and currently resides in Venice, Ca, where he lives his best life.

11. Said Gutseriev

Said Gutseriev youngest billionaires

Said Gutseriev is 32 years of age and possesses shares in a number of financial, retail, coal, and oil companies he inherited off of his father, which are making him an absolute fortune.

On top of his shares, Said is also the CEO of a company known as Forteinvest, which is an oil refinery that is a part of his father’s Safmer Group Company.

Said currently lives in Moscow and is worth $1.3 Billion.

12. Lukas Walton

Lukas Walton youngest billionaires

Lukas Walton is aged 35 and was fortunate enough to receive 1/3 of the estate of a certain John Walton, who was the grandson of Sam Walton.

Sam Walton was the founder of the global giant that is Walmart.

He resides in Jackson, Wyoming.

As well as inheriting the estate, Lukas also owns a number of shares in companies such as First Solar and Arvest Bank.

Lukas is almost certainly one of the richest young people and is the richest on our list so far, by quite a margin, as he is worth a whopping $17.8 Billion.

13. Eva Maria Braun-Luedicke

Eva Marie Braun-Luedicke is currently 33 years of age and owns a 12% stake in B.Braun Melsungen, the same medical device company we looked at earlier, again, if you were paying attention you’ll remember.

Eva is currently worth $1.2 Billion and resides in Germany.

14. Andre Kasprzak

youngest billionaires Andre Kasprzak

Andre, currently 32 years of age, is the brother of Anna, and he, along with his mother and sister, owns shares in Danish shoemaking company ECCO.

Andre resides in Denmark and is currently worth an impressive $1Billion.

15. Christopher Kwok

Christopher Kwok youngest billionaires

Remember how we spoke about Empire Group Holdings?

Well, this property development company in Hong Kong was co-founded by Christopher Kwok, who runs the company alongside his brother Jonathon.

Chris Kwok is 33 years of age, and he too inherited a stake in Sun Hung Kai Properties from his father Walter.

As of this writing, Christopher Kwok is estimated to be worth a staggering $1.8 Billion.

16. Jihan Wu

Jihan Wu youngest billionaires

Now we’re approaching the end of this article looking at the richest young people, up next we have Jihan Wu.

If you’ve heard of a company known as Bitmain Technologies, you will probably be familiar with Jihan Wu.

Jihan is the co-founder and the CEO of Bitmain Technologies, which is one of the largest Chinese mining-chip companies in the entire world.

We’ve all heard of Bitcoin, right?

Well, if you’re looking to mine for Bitcoins, Bitmain Technologies is almost certainly the company you will need to use to do exactly that.

Jihan Wu currently resides in Beijing, he is just 34 years of age, and he is currently estimated to be worth $1.5 Billion.

17. Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha

Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha youngest billionaires

As we approach the conclusion of today’s article looking at the youngest billionaires in the world, we’re next going to learn about Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaparbha.

Aiyawatt is currently aged just 34 years of age and he is the CEO of a company which is known as King Power.

But what is King Power?

Well, as you probably know, whenever you head abroad on vacation, if you head on over to the alcohol section, you can pick up all kinds of different bottles of booze for a great deal cheaper than they are in stores.

Aiyawatt’s King Power is an airport duty-free company/empire located in Thailand.

Aiyawatt inherited the company from his father after he sadly passed away.

Aiyawatt’s share of the estate is split between his three siblings and his own mother.

He resides in the popular city of Bangkok, Thailand, and has a net worth estimated to be $1 Billion.

18. Geoffrey Kwok

Yes, up next we have yet another of the Kwok family, this time it’s Geoffrey.

Geoffrey Kwok is the eldest son of Walter Kwok, who was the former chairman of Sun Hung Kai Properties, the very same Sun Hung Kai Properties which we have mentioned a few times earlier in this very article.

Geoffrey inherited a stake in this company from his father and subsequently, this 35-year old is worth a more than impressive $2.9 Billion.

He resides in Hong Kong and by all accounts leads a fairly lavish lifestyle.

19. Lisa Draexlmaier

Lisa Draexlmaier youngest billionaires

The penultimate person on our list is Lisa Draexlmaier.

Lisa is the sole owner of an auto parts manufacturing company by the name of Fritz Draexlmair Holding GmbH.

She is just 29 years of age as of this writing, she resides in her home country of Germany, and she is fortunate enough to have a net worth estimated to be around $1 Billion.

20. Julio Mario Santo Domingo, III

Julio Mario Santo Domingo, III youngest billionaires

And finally, last, but by no means least, we have Julio Mario Santo Domingo, III.

Julio is aged just 34 and owns a large stake in a company known as Anheuser-Busch InBev along with inheriting his grandfather’s stake in beer company SAB Miller.

Back in the year 2016, these two beer giants merged together, making Julio an incredible amount of money in the process.

Julio resides in the Big Apple New York City, and is worth $1.7 Billion, making him one of the youngest billionaires in the world.

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